Cardinal’s Golf Day Grab your YOUCAT today! Centenary of Cathedral Organ His Eminence Cardinal Wilfrid Napier Emmanuel Cathedral in 1904

Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Lenten Reflection – Holy Week

 PALM SUNDAY 13 APRIL Scripture: Matthew 21: 1 - 11 Reflection In recent times our television screens have been filled with scenes of crowds protesting. So often these demonstrations and protests turn violent. People become passionate – and brave, even to the point of putting themselves in the firing line. Have you ever wondered ...

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PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT – Letter from Archbishop William Slattery

In the light of the recent media coverage of an allegation of child abuse made against a priest in this Archdiocese, I write this letter to help you understand the Catholic position in this situation. The Church will endeavour to ensure that the full truth comes out and that the issues ...

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Winter Living Theology 2014

The Leaders We Deserve? We are delighted to present Prof Al Gini, world expert on ethics in public life, to deliver this year’s speaker tour around South Africa. All the way from Loyola University Chicago, Prof Al Gini will explore the Philosophy and Theology of leadership in politics, in business, in the ...

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The readings we reflect on this week are taken from The Mass During the Day . We may know the Penny Catechism backwards and by heart - the answer to every single question - and even be one of those great academic theologians who know all the intricacies of official doctrine ...

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CPLO Publication – The 2014 Elections, the IEC, and Good Governance

    1. Introduction It is obvious from the number of posters on street lights, and from the sharp political rhetoric in the public space, that the electioneering season is in full swing. Despite the hype and razzmatazz surrounding the fifth democratic election in South Africa, it is salutary to recall the basic ...

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Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Lenten Reflection – Week 5

WEEK FIVE SUNDAY 06 APRIL Scripture: John 11: 17 - 27         Reflection: ‘Yes, Lord,’ she (Martha) said, ‘I believe.’ Every Sunday at Mass we recite the Creed which proclaims our faith, each article of which begins with ‘I believe.’  How do you say these words?  Is it a recitation of familiar words ...

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