A Decaying Public Service

Response September 19th, 2016 Last Thursday was a bad day for South Africa’s public sector. First, two of the country’s most senior legal officials were struck off the roll of advocates, the High Court having found them unfit for office. Then, a very senior revenue official was suspended, after various unexplained payments, running into more […]

SUNDAY 25 – September – 18

The parable contained in TODAY’S GOSPEL [LUKE 16: 1 – 13] is, at first reading, difficult to understand. In fact, Jesus himself, without any prompting or questioning, comments on his own parable telling his listeners to use wisely the gifts of this world – “because using gifts wisely involves using them as God desires.”(LIGOURI CATHOLIC […]

Mother Teresa Canonization

St. Teresa of Kolkata will always be ‘Mother’ Teresa, Pope Says Catholic News Service (CNS) || By Junno Arocho Esteves & Cindy Wooden || 04 September 2016 With a large tapestry bearing the portrait of the woman known as the “Saint of the Gutters” suspended above him, Pope Francis proclaimed the sainthood of Mother Teresa […]