Cardinal’s Golf Day Grab your YOUCAT today! Centenary of Cathedral Organ His Eminence Cardinal Wilfrid Napier Emmanuel Cathedral in 1904


Perhaps some of you have great-uncle Marmaduke still with you this fifth day of Christmas?! Maybe he is rapidly becoming a real burden and testing your Christmas spirit ... drinking your best whisky in an alarming amount, repeating his ‘old’ family stories which you have heard countless times before? Add ...

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“The Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us” John 1: 14 In the past few weeks we have again witnessed chaos in Parliament. For the second time in as many months riot police have been called in to restore order! Our national infrastructure is crumbling with countrywide power outages ...

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Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Advent Programme 2014 – Week 4

Expectant in Love WEEK FOUR Sunday 21 December Scripture: Luke 1: 26 – 38 Reflection This is undoubtly the most extraordinary moment in history! The Incarnation: The Word made Flesh! God came among us! The prophecies and promises were fulfilled! How incredible! Awesome!! It is difficult for us to imagine what Mary must have experienced in ...

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Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Advent Programme 2014 – Week 3

Expectant in Hope, Peace, Joy and Love Neighbourhood Faith-Sharing Week Three: Joy NOTE FROM FR. DES The Lord’s coming is very near. Thank you for taking time out to spend this time with your group sharing your faith and what the Lord’s coming means for you. As you benefit from the insights of others, ...

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If we look at this Sunday’s ENTRANCE ANTIPHON we read - "let the earth be opened and bring forth a Saviour." Surely you must remember Isaiah’s words from last week? .... "a garden causes what is sown in it to spring up." So, how is your little spinach patch? You have ...

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No news is good news - or so the saying goes! But is it true? Perhaps the constant avalanche of tragic, horrific and senseless violence, natural catastrophes, rampant corruption in government, sport and higher echelons of business with which we are ‘suffocated’ in the media has immunised us to anything ...

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