SUNDAY 17 – July 24

I strongly suspect that neither the concept nor reality of sin is especially high on the list of contemporary society’s concerns. I also have the suspicion that we ourselves do not take our own sinfulness into any sort of serious consideration or self-evaluation. This flows from the lack of a real and conscious appreciation of […]

SUNDAY 16 – July 17

Some years ago our reflections emphasised that the Lucan Gospel included the important factor of the hospitality of God. If we think about it, last week’s Gospel about the Samaritan on the road to Jericho was an excellent example of the hospitality offered by the Samaritan to the victim of robbers on the road. It […]

SUNDAY 15- July 10

I am somewhat addicted to the proposition that the figure of the Good Samaritan [outlined in TODAY’S GOSPEL: LUKE 10: 25 – 37] must be seen and understood as an image of Jesus himself. The Lord is, indeed, presenting himself as the Samaritan. To reflect on the profound challenge with which we are here confronted […]