Monthly Archives: July 2018

Divine Renovation Conference

We are 4 weeks away from the Divine Renovation Conference, and Fr James has kindly recorded an invitation for us to circulate around to encourage others to attend. Listen to Fr James Mallon inviting “all who are passionate about the future of the Church” to join us for the Divine Renovation SA 2018 Conferences happening […]


Report back meetings are both important and valuable. They make a special contribution to the execution of the plan. The ‘troops in the field’ are able to recount their experiences, achievements, difficulties and failures. The leader is then able to evaluate the overall success – he also beings to see where both the plan, and […]


There is one particularly important truth to be learnt and personally assimilated from TODAY’S GOSPEL [MARK 6: 1 – 6]. “He could do no mighty work there.” He could not! It was not a matter of being without the ability nor being disinclined. Rather, it was a matter of a lack of acceptance and receptivity. […]