Dear Friends

 Sincerest thanks to you and all who are united with the entire Church at this time. These are indeed special days in the life of the Church, all because we have been led by a very special man as Vicar of Jesus Christ. This was borne out by the presence of more than 144 Cardinals & Senior Bishops & Clerics at a most moving Farewell Ceremony on the morning of Pope Benedict’s last day in office 28th February 2013.

 It reminded me of the Last Supper – simple, humble and of life-changing significance. You could feel Mary’s presence in the Pope’s words: “Be like an orchestra, diverse but united and in harmony!”

 A truly blessed moment! What a privilege to live through it! May he be succeeded by one equally gifted and graced by God our Loving Father!

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM

Archbishop of Durban