CHRIST THE KING- November 22

“How worthy is the Lamb who was slain … to him belong glory and authority for ever and ever.” These words are stated (and really should be proclaimed) in this Sunday’s ENTRANCE ANTIPHON. They should be proclaimed aloud by the whole congregation because the antiphon not only sets the tone of today’s celebration. What type […]

A New Jet or a New Approach

    RESPONSE November 11th, 2015 Over the weekend, media reports averred that a decision had been taken to purchase a new presidential aircraft, at a cost of around R4 billion. “Jacob Zuma to get new R4 billion presidential jet,” was the headline on the Times LIVE website, while News24 at least put a question […]

SUNDAY 33 – November 15

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was originally founded in England in 1824? The society would have had a field day in biblical times! Even when Jesus was on earth, goats still had their value as sin offerings. The unlucky creatures were brought to the temple and sacrificed to the Lord as public […]

SUNDAY 32 – November 08

It is sheer coincidence that THIS WEEK’S OLD TESTAMENT READING [1 KINGS 17: 10 – 16] provides such a splendid illustration of the tribulations of life living which have to be climbed. The widow of Zarephath has endured a long drought and famine but now has “only a handful of meal and a little oil […]