SUNDAY 22 – August – 30

I am a little out of touch but are masked balls still a fashionable entertainment for the ‘in set’? I doubt it! Perhaps pool or pyjama parties have taken over? At least the masked ball covered the blemishes while the contemporary substitutes, all too often, reveal that many folk have neither pride not shame?! So, […]

SUNDAY 21 – August 23

Well I never!? Believe it or not, once again we find ourselves in the company of some Jews who are murmuring about certain realities and, in fact, taking offence. TODAY’S GOSPEL [JOHN 6: 60 – 69] tells us that “Jesus, knowing in himself that his disciples murmured at it, said to them, ‘Do you take […]

Sunday 20 – August 16

We will continue our journey of discovering the message, meaning and challenges of the uncertainties, and unknown (often worrying and troubling) challenges of our lives. At the same time we accept that we need the food and drink of Eucharist in order to progress much further. We should not look to mere survival but strive […]

Corruption Hurts Us All, But the Poor Most Of All

by Frances Correia Nkandla is again in the news because it may need further security upgrades. It has become the icon of corruption in our country, where power is exercised without accountability for personal gain. However corruption is not limited to those who hold the most privileged positions of power. Going to a state hospital and […]

SUNDAY 19 – August 09

Last week’s reflection ended with the assertion that we should never hunger or thirst – even “in the wilderness.” This thought was passed on within the context of our need to LIVE through life’s uncertainties with a confidence born of faith. All of us, at various stages of our living have to journey through the […]

SUNDAY 18 – August – 02

How often do we take real time to see beyond the immediate, look deeper into situations, and make an effort to discover where the Lord God is in our difficulties, challenges, suffering and pain? Each and every difficulty, disappointment, and challenge presents us with an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. It was a lesson […]