SUNDAY 17 – July 26

“Walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” On a number of occasions this year the aspect of our calling together with the fact that we have been called has been emphasised. This call to discipleship is an integral element in Mark’s version of the Gospel. Discipleship is a […]

SUNDAY 16 – July 19

If we make a careful note of TODAY’S PSALM [23 or 22] and GOSPEL [MARK 6: 30 – 34] we will see Jesus showing himself as the Lord Shepherd of those he had sent out to ‘speak’ and who had “returned … and told him all they had done and taught.” The Lord said to […]

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission in South Africa Urges the Government to Fix Patent Barriers to Cancer and TB Medicine

The Justice and Peace Commission for the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) has raised serious concerns about patent laws in South Africa that severely diminish the financial capacity of the Health Department to purchase new and more effective drugs for the public health care. Commission chairperson‚ Bishop Abel Gabuza said: “As a country we […]

SUNDAY 15 – July 12

This week the theme from last Sunday continues but there is an additional, vital, addition. The OLD TESTAMENT READING [AMOS 7: 12 – 15] tells us “the Lord took me … said to me … go, prophesy to my people, Israel.” OUR NEW TESTAMENT EXTRACT [EPHESIANS 1: 3 – 14] says “he chose us … […]

SUNDAY 14 – July 05

I trust you have all survived four whole weeks without these particular insights and suggestions? There is a suspicion that the break has done me good, and a hope you will have benefited from other wells of water? What we all too frequently overlook is that the richest of all wells is our own, individual, […]