I don’t know if you are also feeling a little overwhelmed by the many things that are happening every day, by the speed with which they are happening, and even more by the complicated responses or answers that they demand. This was one of the reasons why the Bishops began a process of analysis and […]

South Africa – Quo Vadis?

Why this title? Many older Catholics will remember the story about a very significant incident in the life of Peter the Apostle during the persecution of Christians by the Roman Emperor. Things were getting too hot, so Peter decided that, to save the Church or at least its leader, i.e. himself, he would leave Rome […]

Statement on Stephen Nolan Show

At the outset I confirm that I fully uphold the Church’s position that: Sexual Abuse of Children is a horrendous crime against Children, their Families, the Church and Society. It is to be dealt with according to the requirements of civil criminal law and Canon Law. Accordingly once the existence of an offence has been […]


Dear Friends  Sincerest thanks to you and all who are united with the entire Church at this time. These are indeed special days in the life of the Church, all because we have been led by a very special man as Vicar of Jesus Christ. This was borne out by the presence of more than 144 […]