ASSUMPTION – August, 19

The DRAGON presented to us in TODAY’S FIRST READING [REVELATION 11: 19a; 12: 1 – 6a, 10ab] deserves a little attention. It is not only in the Bible {Revelation, Isaiah, the Psalms, and Job} but also other ancient writings that dragons are conjured up as signs of danger, instruments of destruction and enemies of men […]


In TODAY’S GOSPEL [JOHN 6: 41 – 51] the apostle continues to develop his Eucharistic understanding of Jesus teaching. In this extract he commences a more specific focus on the Eucharist as we understand it. The focus will become sharper over the next two Sundays. However, it would be beneficial if we made a slight […]


Report back meetings are both important and valuable. They make a special contribution to the execution of the plan. The ‘troops in the field’ are able to recount their experiences, achievements, difficulties and failures. The leader is then able to evaluate the overall success – he also beings to see where both the plan, and […]