SUNDAY 24 – September – 11

This week’s scripture readings provide a superb example of how the Sunday lectionary actually develops themes which are intended to TEACH us basic lessons regarding our ongoing relationship as Christian believers with Jesus Christ. Last week we reflected on the need to develop the HABIT of applying specific Gospel norms to the questions, challenges, disappointments […]

SUNDAY 22- August 28

Years ago I remember reading in The Tablet an article by the author – the then Chief Rabbi (Reform Judaism) of Great Britain – of a regular, monthly column. Therein he reminisced about some of the parties, celebrations and soirees he had attended, and referred to having had to ‘stand with a smidgen of smoked […]

Assumption – August 21

The question has recently, in a most reputable Journal, been asked whether some Catholics have more religion on them than in them? So, today we celebrate the ASSUMPTION OF MARY, Patronal Feast of South Africa. Yet, here in some quarters of the Church, the recent decision of our Bishops’ Conference to celebrate the feast on […]