I do not know whether the parish in which you celebrate Sunday Eucharist and worship recites the Entrance Antiphon (it may be replaced with an appropriate hymn), or – perhaps – it appears in the weekly bulletin? So, I reproduce it here: “God himself is my help. The Lord upholds my life. I will offer […]

Fourteenth Sunday, Year B

It is not difficult to arrive at the conclusion that there does exist a real connection between last Sunday’s scriptures and this week’s extracts. Let us make words from THIS SUNDAY’S PSALM [122 or 123] an anchor. — “like the eyes of slaves on the hands of their lords … like the eyes of a […]

Thirteenth Sunday, Year B

The OLD TESTAMENT READING [WISDOM 1:13 – 15; 2:23 – 24] introduces three perennials (hoary issues?!) which often cause heated debate and / or sometimes raise difficulties even among committed believers. Four verses from this extract remain pivotal. 1 Death was not God’s doing, he takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living. This […]