Thirteenth Sunday, Year B

The OLD TESTAMENT READING [WISDOM 1:13 – 15; 2:23 – 24] introduces three perennials (hoary issues?!) which often cause heated debate and / or sometimes raise difficulties even among committed believers. Four verses from this extract remain pivotal. 1 Death was not God’s doing, he takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living. This […]

Birth of John the Baptist

The immediate and essential importance of John the Baptist is clearly indicated by the first appearances of his name in the Gospel narratives. Mark and John mention him within the first few verses of their respective opening chapters. Matthew, at the start of his third chapter, names the Baptist as a preacher, witness or proclaimer, […]

TRINITY SUNDAY- Year B – 03 June

The structure and sequenceof our liturgical year, in itself, teach a basic lesson. So, we have completed our celebration of the Resurrection, the absolutely basic Christian mystery (without resurrection we do not exist as Christians – as Paul tells us we would be “the most foolish of people”). Then we celebrated our entrance (under the […]