Epiphany Sunday – Year B – 8 January 2012

At the moment I am encountering a difficulty in as much as I do not have a copy of the new Sacramentary, the Altar version of which is both too large for my prayer room, and too expensive for my pocket. I am told that the small version will be available about Easter. The introduction, […]

Solemnity of the Mother of God – Year B – 1 January 2012

The Jewish New Year is calculated according to a different calendar. However, NEW Year is celebrated. Now, I wonder when ‘New Year Resolutions’ were invented – and why? The ‘why’ is much more important! Think about it! Did Mary make (or is it, ‘take’) any resolutions at the start of the new year immediately after […]

FIFTH SUNDAY – Year C – 10 February

This Sunday’s GOSPEL EXTRACT [LUKE 5: 1 – 11] must be read against John’s version(21: 1 – 8) of a very similar (the same?) incident. Bear in mind two vital facts. Firstly, Luke places the incident at the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and the first call of the disciples forms an integral part of this. Secondly, John situates the account after the Resurrection […]