TRINITY SUNDAY- Year B – 03 June

The structure and sequenceof our liturgical year, in itself, teach a basic lesson. So, we have completed our celebration of the Resurrection, the absolutely basic Christian mystery (without resurrection we do not exist as Christians – as Paul tells us we would be “the most foolish of people”). Then we celebrated our entrance (under the […]

EASTER 7- Year B – 20 May

“Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name.” These words from THIS SUNDAY’S GOSPEL [JOHN 17: 11 – 19] are pivotal to our reflection this week. Who is it, what is it, that keeps us true to God? The parish priest does not do it, the bishop does not do it, […]

EASTER 5 – Year B – 06 May

Somehow or other, in these Easter weeks we keep encountering the telling of a story – the story of Jesus Christ risen from the dead. This is the story which has to be intertwined with my own story which also has to be told. Jesus story must never be dislocated from my own. In addition […]