DHC Update July 2014



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Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.36.29 AM97% !!!!
97% ‐ that’s the percentage of construction costs we have now reached, with just a further R1M needed to complete the construction. Huge thanks to an anonymous donor who recently deposited R3M in our bank account. And we still need to raise a further R3M for fittings, equipment and furniture for the entire building. Please remember that the Diocesan Collection for the Hurley Centre will take place at all Masses over the weekend of 26 & 27 July. If you need donation envelopes, t‐shirts, mugs, dvds or homily notes please contact Jean‐Marie on 072‐5490338, 031‐3012240.
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Bishop Kevin Dowling, Front Centre, with members of the Denis Hurley Association(UK)

That was the comment of Sr. Marie‐Henry Keane OP, member of the Denis Hurley Association which organised a week‐long speaking tour for Bishop Kevin Dowling in the UK. Bishop Kevin is a Patron of the DHC and a relative of Archbishop Denis Hurley. He spoke in Edinburgh, Birmingham and London on topics related to “The Joy of the Gospel – as seen in the lives of Denis Hurley, Oscar Romero, and Pope Francis”. Most notable was “The Tablet Lecture” at Westminster Cathedral Hall where a full house gave Bishop Kevin a standing ovation for his address: “From South to North: Lessons from the Church in the developing world”. In each of his addresses, he included promotion for the Denis Hurley Centre and over R200, 000 was raised. Many thanks to the Bishop and all members of the Denis Hurley Association.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.37.00 AMWHOONGA ADDICTS START REHAB
With much support and encouragement from the Denis Hurley Centre, 18 young men have started a six week course of residential rehab at the Newlands East Rehab Centre. This is part of the Qalakabusha Project initiated by Mayor James Nxumalo backed by a number of government agencies and NGOs. Please pray for these 18 young men who have started out on a difficult road to freedom. Other ways in which the DHC is helping are by providing a registration centre where the addicts can be interviewed by social work students from UNISA to find out their needs and to be referred to various resource organisations taking part in the Qalakabusha Project. They also can have free meals offered by our Nkosinathi Project, and receive health assistance from our Usizo L’wehtu Clinic.
If you are able to offer a job to one of the young men after their rehabilitation that could be a real lifesaver. Please also pray that the government will provide many other rehab opportunities for the hundreds of whoonga addicts in Durban, waiting for an opportunity to start a new life.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.37.11 AMASSISTANCE FROM DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY
We are most grateful for the assistance of our Hindu sisters and brothers in the Divine Life Society. Two members of our “Sewing for Africa” project have just returned from their six week – all expenses paid residential training course in how to train other unemployed people in industrial sewing. There was great excitement when they returned with ten new industrial sewing machines so that the training at the Denis Hurley Centre (currently in the Surat Hindu building) was able to commence on 14 July. The trainees will either be able to look for work in local textile factories or start their own small businesses. Our generous Hindu sponsors are keen to help us with computer training (and lap tops for the computer room in the Denis Hurley Centre!) These will complement the computers already donated by Mr Mahmoud Youssef Baker of the Iqraa Trust.

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