EASTER SUNDAY – Year B – 08 April

EASTER SUNDAY – Year B – 08 April Christ has died! Christ is Risen! Christ will come again! In so many ways this IS the most profound expression of the MYSTERY OF FAITH. Easter Sunday would be THE day when this acclamation fits the best. Why it has been deleted from the possibilities of proclamations […]

Lenten Sunday Five – Year B – 25 March

If, as it should be, we are in control of our own lives, that does not mean we are the masters. It is not only the master or mistress who is in control, but the servant also needs to exercise control over his own ‘department’. In these past Lenten weeks we have reflected on matters […]

Lenten Sunday Four – Year B – 18 March 2012

Gifts are wonderful things! Some of them move us because of the generosity involved, others can touch us deeply because of the unexpected remembrance, and there are those which puzzle us (what on earth am I supposed to DO with it?)! This Sunday, in our NEW TESTAMENT READING[EPHESIANS 2: 4 – 10] Saint Paul brings […]

Lenten Sunday Three – Year B – 11 March 2012

Last week we emphasised the need to be AT Lent, where the Lord God WANTS us to be … and to be there freely and willingly. So, the closing words of THIS SUNDAY’S GOSPEL [JOHN 2: 13 – 25] make a challenging point. “… he never needed evidence about any man, he could tell what […]

Lenten Sunday Two – Year B – 4 March 2012

Next weekend I will be preaching a retreat with the theme TRUSTING IN GOD.THIS SUNDAY’S PSALM [115 or 116] commences “I trusted, even when I said ’I am sorely afflicted’.” Would this have been Abraham’s prayer as he faced the dramatic ‘test’ God placed before him? Surely it must have? Our OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURE [GENESIS […]

Lenten Sunday One – Year B – 26 February 2012

The PSALM [24 or 25] for this first Lenten Sunday present us with a solid, undramatic, and rational approach to the next six weeks. The last thing we need is to enter Lent with extravagant ideas and unrealistic resolutions. In reality most of us are not enormous public sinners in need of flagellation, and hair […]