Seventh Sunday – Year B – 19 February 2012

Well, we have arrived at the ‘extra’ Sunday in ordinary time! (Remember the ‘lost’ Sunday of the Lord’s Baptism?!) The bonus is that we have all enjoyed an extra week of relaxation before Lent! Yes, Wednesday of this week is ASH WEDNESDAY, so brace yourselves and be of good heart. I take this opportunity of […]

Sixth Sunday – Year B – 12 February 2012

The first few verses of our NEW TESTAMENT EXTRACT [1 CORINTHIANS 10:31 – 11:1] introduce us to an aspect of our discipleship and Church membership which in too many instances has faded into oblivion. ” … whatever you do at all, do for the glory of God. Never do anything offensive to anyone … or […]

Fifth Sunday – Year B – 5 February 2012

If evidence was needed to prove how the bothers of life can so easily entrap us and become a barrier to hearing the Lord’s words as he tries to travel with us, then this Sunday’s OLD TESTAMENT EXTRACT [JOB 7: 1 – 4. 6 – 7] provides it. Well, I never! Too many folk make […]

Fourth Sunday – Year B – 29 January 2012

Let us start this week with our NEW TESTAMENT EXTRACT [1 CORINTHIANS 7: 32 – 35]. We should remember what was said last week in relation to Paul’s inference that even in the day-to-day routine there needs to be that sense of urgency in ‘learning the ways and truth of the Lord. This week the […]

Third Sunday – Year B – 22 January 2012

Yes! There IS a link between this Sunday’s OLD TESTAMENT READING [JONAH 3: 1 – 5. 10] and the GOSPEL EXTRACT [MARK 1: 14 – 20]. As with Mark’s version of the Gospel which, in general, carries an overall sense of URGENCY, and portrays Jesus as a ‘busy’ person, always on the move, so Jonah […]

Second Sunday – Year B – 15 January 2012

This week’s New Testament reading [1CORINTHIANS 6: 13 – 15. 17 – 26] provides (as we start off on the ‘ordinary’ Sundays) a rather good focus for building our day-to-day lives of discipleship. Important to a richer understanding of this extract there is a need to remember that (i) Paul is not simply speaking about […]