FIFTH SUNDAY – Year C – 10 February

This Sunday’s GOSPEL EXTRACT [LUKE 5: 1 – 11] must be read against John’s version(21: 1 – 8) of a very similar (the same?) incident. Bear in mind two vital facts. Firstly, Luke places the incident at the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and the first call of the disciples forms an integral part of this. Secondly, John situates the account after the Resurrection […]

The Church And The Modern World

2/3/4 August 2011
 Glenmore Pastoral Centre, Durban (9.30am to 3.30pm) Lecturer: Fr. Jim Corkery SJ 
from the Milltown Institute, Dublin Author of “The Papacy since 1500” and “Joseph Ratzinger’s Theological Ideas ”

Two options in Durban: 
A three day course with 3 lectures per day for priests, religious and interested lay people. Cost R320 for 3 […]