Youth Commission: Barbara Koobanally 031 303 1417
The Archdiocese Youth Commission consists of a team of dedicated people who minister to the Youth of the Archdiocese. They plan Youth and Formation days and are also able to assist with the training of Parish Youth Teams.

Life Teen: Kevin Mottram 084 511 7903
A catechetical programme which has proved to be very successful and life-giving in some parishes. The faith in presented in a novel and interactive way which appeals to many of our Youth.

Youth for Christ: Michael 031 207 1843
A group of passionate youth providing an array of services to the Youth of our diocese… They are able to train and assist with Parish Youth Groups.

Andrew O’Neill: Andrew is a full-time youth minister at Blessed Sacrament Church – he has a wonderful way with the youth of his parish – He and his team are willing to assist parishes with their Youth Ministry and programmes. 0833672390


Pre – Marriage Course (Pinetown): Cecilia Hutchinson 031 701 3742
A one day course, aimed at assisting couples who are preparing for marriage – courses dates are well advertised, all intending to marry in the Archdiocese are expected to attend this course… It is also advisable that they attend the course in good time before their wedding.

Couples for Christ: Michael 031 207 1843
This is a growing ministry in the Archdiocese which provides support for married couples and their families. Operates similar to small prayer groups that are family based – couples meet in each others home for prayer and sharing and commit themselves to actively assisting the priest in the life of the Parish.

Engaged Encounter: Lauren Confeit 033 330 3301 / 073 304 9160
This is a weekend programme which assist prepare for their life together as husband and wife – it encourages reflection and sharing between the couple themselves. It has been found to be highly beneficial by couples who have attended, and should certainly be encouraged in addition to the one day course at Pinetown.

Retrouvaille: Mike & Caryl 031 202 7748
A Programmed aimed at healing marriages that are broken or falling apart – it consists of a weekend “Workshop” and then follow–up sessions. The programmed is facilitated by people who themselves have experienced great turmoil in their marriages, and are passionate about offering a lifeline to other couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage relationship.

Faith Formation

Catechetical Commission: Sr. Annette 031 303 1417
The Catechetical Commissions is able to assist Parishes with all their catechetical needs. They provide training and formation days for Catechists and have a large selection of resource material which can assist catechists.

Adult Faith Formation: Irene Helsdon 031 312 2667 / 082 559 6331
If you require any assistance with the helping Adults come to a deeper appreciation and understanding of our Faith – then you need to contact the Adult Faith Formation Team – if they are unable to assist you directly, they will certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

Alpha: Peter Sutton 012 998 81 44 (National Director)
Over the years Alpha has proved to be a wonderful way to help people grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus. The program which runs over a period of 10 – 12 weeks consists of a fellowship meal, the watching of a DVD and then faith sharing, based on the DVD. The Holy Spirit weekend, in many instances has proved to be the highlight of the Alpha program.

Acts: Edna Burgess 031 468 5991
This is a fairly new program which has had a major impact on the faith life of our people. To be honest it seems very secretive – as in no one seems to want to say what happens on the weekend other than it has changed their life and they want more and more people to experience similar spiritual renewal.

Catholic Bible Foundation: Lynn & Maureen 031 303 1919
They provide an array of Scripture based training and formation and Resources which can be applied to all fields of ministry. They are also able to assist with training of Lectors as well as lead days of Prayer and even retreats.

SPRED: Sr. Annette 031 303 1417
This is a Catechetical programme designed for people with special needs (Physically and mentally handicapped). Very loving and support sessions which helps people with special needs come to experience God’s love for them.

Pauline Sisters: 031 208 8803
Pauline Sisters in Overport have a large selection of books and CD’s which are able to assist with any spiritual or formation need…All items are reasonably priced and the sisters are willing to assist in obtaining material that they may not have.

Good Shepherd Programme: Sr. Annette 031 303 1417
A program aimed at providing spiritual and liturgical formation for the younger members of our communities (Pre-Schoolers).

RCIA: Irene Helsdon 031 312 2667 / 082 559 6331
This formation program has much to offer Catholics and converts alike. In order for the RCIA program to be of maximum benefit, all the stages need to be explored and applied to each particular parish. For assistance on how to maximize the effect of your Parish RCIA program, contact Irene and the Adult Faith Formation Team

Café Brian Kennedy 083 511 7903
Adult faith formation and Sharing in a relaxed atmosphere.


Liturgy Commission: Deacon Lawrence 031 303 1417
Liturgical commission is able to assist with the training and formation of Parish Liturgy committees. One may consult the liturgy commission for assistance on how to enhance our liturgical celebrations so that they may be even more meaning and life-giving to the people of God.

Sodalities and Groups

This is being researched and we will update the website as soon as possible.