1. To support and promote existing Parish Projects
2. To assist Parishes without an AIDS Project
* Identify a project
* Mobilise their Parish
* And start the project


Parishes need to develop all aspects of AIDS Ministry for the church to play its part in coping with the AIDS pandemic. Parish representatives have, up to the present, come together to establish and assess where parishes are in the fight against AIDS.

At these meetings it was made clear that there are wide discrepancies between parishes. The purpose of the parish mobilisation programmes would be to make it clear what parishes can and should be doing, what assistance is available in the form of information, training materials, and skills, but above all the spirituality of loving and caring for others as Jesus did for us.

The parish programme Networks with a number of projects:
* Diakonia
* Diocesan Pastoral Council’s Poverty, Unemployment and AIDS Project (PUA)
* Archdiocesan Newsletter Team
* KZN Interfaith AIDS Forum
* Visits to other Projects (E.G. Redhills project, God’s Golden Acre, Agape)