SACBC Justice and Peace Commission welcomes the appointment of Advocate Batohi as the New National Director of Public Prosecution.

Over the years, NDPP has largely been ineffective as a key component in the anti-corruption system. As a result, corruption and its impunity have now escalated to levels that are not good for the economy and the poor. The appointment of Advocate Batohi beholds a prospect for a new phase in the fight against corruption and state capture. 
We have confidence in the new public prosecutor and her ability to address the problem of executive interference and factional battles within NDPP. We expect her to be strong in resisting the efforts of those who seek to capture NDPP and use it for the factional battles within the ruling party. As the first order of business, she should act decisively, and without fear and favour, on the state capture and VBS scandal.

We also expect her to focus on corruption cases in both sectors: the public sector and the private sector. Corruption is endemic in both sectors. As a nation, we have often put less emphasis on the private sector corruption and economic crimes committed by big companies and rich individuals.    Private sector corruption and economic crimes are equally bad for the economy and the poor.

For more information: 
Bishop Abel Gabuza.
Cell number:  0825494324
Phone number: 053 831 1861 or 053 831 1862.

Archbishop William Slattery: Cell: 0834685473

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