COMMUNITY and FAMILY …. perhaps this is the best description of the Trinity? Never forget that our God is Trinitarian. The neglect of one impoverishes the other two – – – resulting in an unbalanced understanding and appreciation of WHOM our God is, HOW he operates and functions.

It is this Trinitarian God to which we are able to apply the words of Moses as recorded in

TODAY’S FIRST READING [DEUTERONOMY 4: 32 – 34. 39 – 40] where we read since the day that God created man upon earth …ask from one end of heaven to the other, whether such a great thing as this has ever happened or was ever heard of? Indeed, our Christian God is unique.

Unique because it is our Trinitarian God who, having

chosen (us) as his heritage, is faithful … to be trusted …. (whose) eyes are on (us) … rescues …. keep alive in famine … is our help and shield … (and whose) merciful love (is) upon us.” {See TODAY’S PSALM – 33 or 32}

What is the answer to the secret of this God’s effectiveness? One word

UNITY! The Opening Prayers of today’s Mass asks that we may acknowledge this unity – a unity which is powerful. In recent weeks the retiring Papal Nuncio to Jordan said that “our divisions are the cancer that destroy the Church from within.” In exactly the same way that disunity, persistent quarrels and infighting so easily destroy the community nature of family and home, so the same things become a cancer which destroy the Church.

There is no place for warring camps in the Church – and this basic fact must apply, in the first place, to our local parishes. We should never allow ourselves to be simply a local Parish but, rather, a mirror and image of what we wish the Universal Church to be. Parishioners need to offer each other and the wider Church foundational support. There is no place for warring camps. As saint Paul reminded the Corinthians each of you is saying, “I am for Paul, or I am for Apollo; I follow Cephas’. Surely Christ has not been divided among you!

{1 Corinthians 1: 12 & 13} It is especially destructive when leaders of parishes and communities fan the flames of this sort of disunity. Ministry is never to be used in order to engender ego trips. If we are unable to accept this basic challenge then we are unable to celebrate Trinity Sunday with any degree of honest, authentic, Christian and Catholic faith.

The Holy Trinity equals a community and family held together by their

UNITY. This is our God described by Moses in our reading from Deuteronomy as the God whose voice we have heard and who has taken us as a nation for himself. Is it possible for us to be his nation and claim we have heard his voice if we are ‘at war’ with one another? Come off the grass and give me a break!

Then, in our

SECOND READING [ROMANS 8: 14 – 17] Paul speaks of us being led by the Spirit of God, and that when we cry ‘Abba! Father’ it is the Spirit himself bearing witness with our spirit. Is it possible for our prayer to be led by the Spirit, and for the Spirit to bear witness with us while we fan the flames of personal agendas, preferences and animosities?

What about

TODAY’S GOSPEL [MATTHEW 28: 16 – 20] which speaks about our ministry to “make disciples …. teaching them to observe?” Are we making disciples for Paul or Apollo or Cephas or FOR and OF Jesus Christ? What teaching do we hope to be observed … our preference and favourite? What sort of teaching would that be?

“Our divisions are the cancer that destroy the Church from within.”

In addition, they are a negation of our Trinitarian faith.

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