Former Bishops

Rt Rev Marie Jean Francois Allard OMI


Rt Rev Marie Jean Francois Allard OMI

Born 27 November 1806
Ordained Priest 1830
Took vows as as Oblate of Mary Immaculate 1838
Appointed Titular Bishop of Samaria and Vicar Apostolic of Natal
Ordained Bishop 13 July 1851 at Marseilles
Retired 1873
Appointed Archbishop of Taron in partibus
Deceased in Rome in 1889


Rt Rev Charles Constant Jolivet OMI

Rt Rev Charles Constant Jolivet OMI

Born 9 January 1826
Ordained Priest 13 May 1849
Appointed Titular Bishop of Bellina and Vicar Apostolic of Natal September 1874
Ordained Bishop 30 November 1874
Deceased in Durban 15 September 1903




Rt Rev Hery Delalle OMI


Rt Rev Henry Delalle OMI

Born 1870
Appointed Titular Bishop of Thugga and Vicar Apostolic of Natal 19 December 1903
Ordained Bishop 2 June 1904
Retired 4 April 1946
Deceased in Durban 15 February 1949



Former Archbishops Denis Hurley


Former Archbishop Denis Hurley

Most Reverend Denis Hurley OMI

Born 9 November 1915
Ordained Priest 1939
Appointed Vicar Apostolic of Natal 12 December 1946
Ordained Bishop 19 March 1947
Appointed Archbishop of Durban 11 January 1951
Retired 29 May 1992
Deceased: 13 February 2004

Donations in memory of Archbishop Hurley may be made to the following account:

Archdiocese of Durban Archbishop Denis Hurley Memorial Fund.

The Fund will be administered by the Archdiocese in favour of two favourite projects of Archbishop Hurley: Kwa Thintwa School for the Deaf and San Egidio Community Project in Mozambique.

For more details contact the Chancery office on tel: (031) 3031417 or