Invitation to all KZN Priests

Cardinal Napier Invites all KZN Priests and Youth Leaders to attend a Workshop on Implementing the Tug- of- Life for Catholic Youth

 Date:   Saturday 12 October 2013
 Time:  10.00 – 13.00
 Location:  Holy Family College and ending with lunch at Glenmore Pastoral Centre
 Cost:  R 200.00 (R160 pays for a Tug-of-Life book, CD with introductory video-clip & Implementation Guide)

Please RSVP By: 30 September to Carlene: email

Phone: 031 3031417 (for catering purposes kindly RSVP as soon as possible)


The Tug-of-Life is an initiative whose mission is to empower young people to make life-enriching choices. Today’s youth face enormous challenges that are destroying young lives at an escalating pace (e.g. alcohol and drug abuse, bullying, promiscuity, pornography, crime, reduced-focus on faith and values, depression, and many others). Many young people need guidance and help with identifying their challenges, choices and consequences, and with finding effective actions and solutions. There is a strong need for addressing the causes of problems (and not just the symptoms).

Tug-of-Life is about identifying the ‘tug-of-war’ that each of us face in life (between good and evil, challenges and solutions), and drawing up a ‘game plan’ that helps us to be proactive. It’s about galvanising the youth (and society) into ‘tugging’ for what truly counts in their lives.

The methodology is simple, practical, life-changing, provides a new way of thinking, has immediate results, and is applicable to all age-groups.


The workshop will be run by Izabella Gates, author of the Tug-of-Life and Life Talk books, and founder of the Life Talk Forum. (Life Talk is a non-profit organisation dedicated to addressing the challenges that affect the lives of today’s children and young adults. See for details.) Izabella will cover:

  1. Feedback about the various challenges (and their causes) faced by the youth.
  2. The helpful aspects that play a key role in addressing the challenges.
  3. Implementing the Tug-of-Life for youth in parishes:
    • Getting started: how to introduce the initiative.
    • Maintaining ongoing use and momentum.
    • Fun Tug-of-Life activities for different age-groups, from Grade 0 – 12.
    • Visual aids to keep the messages top-of-mind

Implementation is simple and can be facilitated by priests, youth leaders, parents or other interested parishioners.



Tug-of-Life: empowering young people to make life-enriching choices