DHC Update: October 2014


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Sthebiso Mkhize and Sabelo Bhengu ready to start new lives.


Sthebiso Mkhize and Sabelo Bhengu, former whoonga addicts, are delighted to have completed a 12‐week programme of rehab at the Newlands Clinic, as part of the Qalakabusha (“new beginning”) programme coordinated by the eThekwini Municipality and a number of NGOs including the Denis Hurley Centre. Sthebiso and Sabelo and nine other young men who completed the rehab programme with them, are keen to find jobs as soon as possible so that they can remain “clean”. Fr Stephen Tully says of these eleven: “We know them and together with the staff of the Newlands clinic, can vouch for their rehabilitation. Few employees come with this kind of recommendation.” If you are able to help with employment opportunities, please contact Fr Stephen on 031 306‐3595 or Ishmael Chishanu on 079 024‐3417.

(Pic – Duncan Guy)

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Members of the St Augustine’s past pupils’ group. At left is Tony Stals, retired master builder who constructed the café counter.


Past pupils of St Augustine’s School, housed in the Cathedral Parish Centre from 1906 – 1956, are very proud of their school. This is why the people in the photo at the left have been fundraising for the Denis Hurley Centre which has been built on the site of their old school. The coffee bar counter has been made out of bricks and cast iron air vents saved from the old building when it was demolished in July 2013. The hand rails from the old staircases in the Parish Centre will be used as hand rails around the atrium on the first, second and third floors of the new building. Bricks and air vents are still on sale to raise funds for the new building. A plaque in the coffee bar will list all who have bought these links to the past. Contact Daphne Goad 084 606‐6151 or Ekkie Esau 084 200‐8017 to make sure your name is on that list!

(Pics – Jean‐Marie Ntamubano)

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100% of target reached


We are delighted to announce that the R32M target for construction of the Denis Hurley Centre has been reached and exceeded, as a result of your help. A recent major grant promised by the KZN Treasury has lifted us over the target and we also have some funding available for the “outfitting” of the building ‐ providing furniture, and equipment
for the many facilities in the four‐storeyed Centre.
Fundraising for projects (especially Nkosinathi and Usizo L’Wehtu) and staffing the new building now become important. The Mall between the Cathedral and the new Centre also needs to be comprehensively upgraded. If you can help with funds needed for the projects, staffing or development of the Mall, please contact Paddy Kearney on
031 201‐3832 or 072 806‐4417.

(Pic ‐ Jean‐Marie Ntamubano)

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Final finishes and painting in progress in the 3rd Floor Hall

We have all the money needed for construction costs promised or contracted. But will this has funding arrive in time to enable us to pay major bills before the end of November when the construction will be completed? Thanks to generous short term interest free loans we have been able to secure, it looks as if our cash flow crisis has been averted. Many thanks to Afrisun Community Development Trust, the Iqraa Trust and Paul Saad of “Future Life” for coming to our rescue.


(Pic – Jean‐Marie Ntamubano)


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