Education For Life/Bandcamp 2012

The Diocesan Education for Life program and the Bandcamp Team held a music camp on 21 July 2012 at the Parish of the Blessed Sacrament in Virginia. This was the first time that a band camp was held in the Archdiocese of Durban. The day was filled with talks by various guest speakers on topics ranging from traditional church music and history, the role of church bands and the liturgy.

Everyone joined in the bring-and-share lunch which was in the spirit of unity and fellowship as Catholics, both young and old together.

The second part of the Camp was a practical session, with professional praise and worship musicians giving some practical advice which would help the participants improve in the ministry of playing music in their parishes.  The musicians were then divided into several bands and had to work together to compose a song.  This was quite difficult but it gave the participants a valuable tool in life i.e. working together.

There are a number of people that we need to thank for making this day a success – Fr Joseph Money and the Parish of the Blessed Sacrament  for the use of the Parish, the hall and equipment; the guest speakers for their great input;  the musicians;  the Youth for Christ Missionaries; Vincent and Zee for being part of the Camp Team and especially Sean Lategan from St Dominic’s Hillcrest for attending all the camp team meetings in Durban and for making the Camp a success, for being the “glue” and making The Education for Life vision for a bandcamp a reality; and to Fr Brian Southward for allowing Sean to be part of the team.  Lastly, a very big Thank You to all the participants for making the day really special. We hope there will be another successful band camp in 2013.  Please let us know your views.

(Mark Naicker 031 3031417)