Lenten Appeal

Brief Explanation


The Office of the Bishops’ Lenten Appeal organizes the annual collection taken up during Lent in all the parishes of the Conference and proposes to the Plenary how the proceeds of the collection are to be distributed in the works of the Conference and the assistance of the poor. The coordination and promotion of the Bishops’ Lenten Appeal is entrusted to a Director who is appointed by the Plenary and an Assistant appointed by the Secretary-General.


During Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, the Catholic Church calls out for sharing and prayer for missions running in the country. For six weeks of Lent, there is an opportunity to share with the needy.

Each year, the Bishops Lenten Appeal (BLA) is promoted to all parishes in all the dioceses, proposing a demonstration in supporting the Lent Appeal with an annual pledge. Messages, reflections and pamphlets are prepared for the faithful and distributed all over South Africa.

Catholics are called to share with others not only money but also what they received from God. The BLA is an opportunity to live the faith that Catholics profess: to be Disciples of Christ and witnesses of his kindness towards them.

That’s why the Lenten season is not only an opportunity for sacrifice, but also for a mutual expression of gratitude.

The programs that are funded by the Bishops Lenten Appeal make more concrete the “Good News”. The money is distributed for the support of the Total Mission of the Church in South Africa. This includes the poor and needy, education, health, priestly and lay formation, peace initiatives, catechetical formation, and Ecumenical projects, etc.


Bank Name:               FNB

Account Name:         Lenten Appeal 

Account Number:     62046901981

Branch Code:            250 655

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