Napier Center for Healing (NC4H)

Honor the Cardinal's Legacy


His Eminence Cardinal Wilfrid Napier has taken a passionate interest in the plight of recovering addicts and has committed himself to the creation of a residential care center to reintegrate them back into society.

Will YOU join him in making this dream a reality?

The Centre will be the main legacy project of His Eminence.

It also gives expression to Pope Francis’s call for practical actions to carry forward the message of the Year of Mercy.

The Napier Centre 4 Healing will be an after care facility for post-rehab addiction residents, offering a holistic approach to healing. The Centre will be open to all denominations and a strong effort will be made to help residents reconnect with their spiritual roots. The final phase of the program will include training for employment of some kind, in order to give recovering addicts a sense of ownership of their own lives, together with purpose and hope for the future.

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