Raisethorpe Parish

Raisethorpe Parish – New Church in Copesville Informal Settlement

The parish of Our Lady of Health of Vailanganni in Raisethorpe, recently held an induction ceremony of their new parish priest, Father Alfred Igwebuike CMM. At the induction Bishop Barry Wood OMI, officially welcomed and introduced Father Alfred to the church members and community.

Raisethorpe parish has always played a pivotal role in the community, and in a recent initiative, has taken an outlying church based in Swapo, Copesville under its wing. The Copesville church, known as St. Theresa, was built by members of the informal settlement and has been operating for the past two years with members meeting on a monthly basis for Holy Mass. The Archdiocese has now officially attached St Theresa to Our Lady of Health Parish, Raisethorpe.