Refugee Pastoral Care Retreat 2012

Bishop Barry Wood OMI with Refugees during a Retreat at Mariannhill (26-27 July 2012).

This was the first time the Refugee Pastoral Care arranged a retreat for refugees led by the Bishop.  Bishop Barry’s theme was relationships – relationship with oneself, with one another and with God. He emphasized the need to be at peace with oneself in order to be at peace with others. It is only when an individual is at peace with one’s self and others that closeness to God can be achieved.

This retreat once again manifested the Archdiocese’s position regarding the refugee phenomenon. The presence of refugees in the area of the archdiocese is a reality that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. The fact that the Bishop spent time with them is a clear testimony that the Catholic Church embraces foreign nationals and treats them with dignity. During the retreat Cardinal Napier sent a message of solidarity indicating that he was with the group in prayer.

Many thanks to the Archdiocese for supporting the work  that the Refugee Pastoral Care is doing for the Refugees.