In Durban, as elsewhere in Africa, the number if AIDS orphans is increasing at a rapid pace.

Sinosizo HBC service has noted an increase over the years in the number of orphans and potential orphans receiving care from our services, as shown below. The number of orphans in the 1st quarter of the year is over half the annual total in previous years.

The majority of AIDS orphans are taken care of by their grandparents. It is noted that due to several factors, namely increased poverty, ages of grandparents, more orphans (cousins to the current orphans) the quality of life of these children is considerably lower than was seen a few years ago. Children under the care of grandparents very often take over the role of caring for their siblings and their grandparents. These children are ill equipped to cope with the many tasks they undertake.

If orphans are to remain in their community and live as a family they require more support and guidance. It is hoped that by increasing the capacity of Sinosizo’s orphan project, building coping skills in children and promoting resilience, this will reduce the risk factors children face.

Building up resilience in children is the responsibility of adults. When parents are no longer able to care for their children or die and grandparents are too tired due to the many responsibilities they now shoulder, other adult community members can be trained to assist the children.



Sinosizo will achieve it’s vision through it’s core business which entails empowering communities, families and volunteers with sufficient skills and knowledge to enable them to provide an acceptable standard of holistic care to those affected by HIV / AIDS, STI’s and TB.

The main objective of the orphan care programme is to make people rich in their understanding of children who face or will face difficult circumstances in their lives. As it is only with richness of understanding that we can make a very real and significant impact on children’s lives, especially those living with AIDS.

Orphans are identified through the home care programme. Orphan child headed households are assessed and sponsors found to assist and support these children.

At present Sinosizo is also working on the care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children using memory boxes, art and play therapy, and similar approaches to help children overcome the trauma of living with and increasingly seeing their parents die of AIDS.