SYNOD 2021 – 2023

Brothers and Sisters

The Holy Church of God is convoked in Synod, and with this convocation, Pope Francis invites the Church to question itself on “synodality”:

So, answering this call, we come together as one, from all corners of the world, all languages, all cultures, all peoples of the Church united in prayer and contemplation, in dialogue and reflection.

In the Archdiocese of Durban the great journey has begun, with His Grace Archbishop Jwara CMM writing to all peoples in all churches on the weekend of the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

We look forward to this time of great prayer and reflection, to be led by the Spirit and with its holy insights to contribute to the future growth of the Universal Church and the spread of the Gospel in the world of tomorrow.


Journeying together step-by-step


Filled with passion for the Synod and driven by the call of the Bishops Pastoral Plan to make the Church a Community Serving Humanity the Archdiocese of Durban has a team of dedicated clergy ready and willing to make SYNOD a success in this part of the world.

They are…

Rev. Fr Brett Williams

Rev. Fr Denardo Gnagnapragas

Rev. Fr Grant Emmanuel

Rev. Fr Sabelo Mkhize

Rev. Fr Sthabiso Sithole OMI


Preparing to take SYNOD to their parishes the clergy of the Archdiocese of Durban gathered on the 27th of October and had an amazing session.

St. Joseph's Parish in Morningside hosted the event and we had good attendance, great participation, awesome engagement and plenty of fun all around.

SYNOD here we come!!



His Grace, Archbishop Siegfried Mandla Jwara CMM of Durban, has authorized for distribution the SYNOD Summary Report for the Archdiocese authored by Rev. Fr Brett Williams and compiled by the SYNOD Team.

After many months of laborious exercise our Synod Team, working tirelessly, has birthed this extraordinary summary report and we encourage a studious examination of its full contents at every level of Parish and Archdiocesan structures.

*Please forward any questions or comments to the SYNOD Team.

Have your say…

Below this section you will find SYNOD resources and the ability to make your mark by making your voice heard.

All comments go to the AOD Synod email address and contribute towards a better, brighter future for our church.

Synodality is the way of the future, embrace the future and make your mark…

“The response from the Archdiocese of Durban to Pope Francis' invitation to voice our ideas on how we should become a listening Church and a believing community that is open to collaboration and eager to journey together will be a valuable contribution. The Holy Father wants to hear what we have to say – he is both willing and eager to listen. The Church itself awaits us. It is my earnest hope and prayer that all of us will respond with a joyful enthusiasm which is full of faith."

– Archbishop Siegfried Mandla Jwara, CMM


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