From 11 October 2012 to 24 November 2013 we celebrate a “Year of Faith”.  In every Diocese, Parish, Catholic School we are invited to renew our commitment to Faith and grow in our relationship with Christ.  The Holy Father is speaking of a “New Evangelisation” which is a special and sustained effort to become truly intimate friends with Jesus and through him with each other.

Wrist bands are extremely popular and a wonderful symbol of identifying who we are.  A band has been designed for the Year of Faith to remind us of our commitment to our Catholic faith, and as a visible symbol of this New Evangelisation – a reminder that as Catholic Christians we must be witnesses of the presence of Christ in our lives.

Explanation of the Band:
Yellow – the colour of the Vatican flag.  The colour reminds us of our loyalty to the Church and to be faithful to the teaching of Christ that has been passed on to us by the Church.
Credo Domine – taken from Mark 9:24.  This is an act of Faith – LORD, I BELIEVE.  Throughout this Year of Faith we are invited to be people of Faith (believe in the Word of God, Eucharist and power of all Sacraments, etc.)
Fish – the fish was the symbol of identifying the early Christian community in difficult times, much reminiscent of our contemporary situation.  Historically, during the Roman persecution, the symbol of the fish was a sign of recognition between Christians.  It reminds us to be faithful like them and encourages us to persevere in our faith.  We are also called to be fishers of men – inviting and leading all to follow Christ.

The band comes with a prayer/commitment card.  During this Year of Faith parishioners are invited to commit themselves in specific ways (e.g. reading of Scripture, attending Mass, adoration, rosary, etc).  Let us band together and as St Peter says “Stand up strong in faith.”

Please order your bands from Fr Desmond Royappen on 031 3031890 or email: or